Alpha Women

Creating and naming “Alpha Women” was not a business venture; it was a calling that I wholeheartedly accepted and hope you accompany me on this journey.

I have been blessed from the onset of my career to be an environment or situations that challenged me to learn and evolve. Norms such as when one was the only Women in attendance it was assumed or brazenly delegated that it would be the Woman whom would record the minutes of the meeting. None of the male colleagues were even requested to attempt the task because it was assumed by whomever chaired the meeting to be belittling for any male.

All year round Women would work side by side on a project, however it would be male colleagues who would be given the opportunity to attend the Golf Days, Company Luncheons or Banquets. Harsh as it was at times, I remained steadfast to create Alpha Women, accomplish, earn and attain in life what I deserved and in so doing create opportunities for as many Women as possible. Over many years I have been blessed with the Experience, the Help of a Remarkable Team and the Sheer tenacity to challenge the norms.

Amazing Services are offered in order to help ALL Women in any phase of transition in Life toward leaping ahead to gain control and unleash their potential . You may ask, when looking at the Golf or Wine tutorial offered, why? How would knowing how to conduct myself at a Corporate Function make any difference to moving ahead. The reality is that many deals, networking and forging links are done, not in the boardroom, but over a coffee in the office kitchen, in the passages, at the golf course, off-site lunches … even the dreaded office parties. Therefore, it is apt that we focus on those opportunities and capitalise on it.

All work and no fun is rather boring, therefore we are so excited to also offer fun activities at the office such as Spa@theOffice, Advanced Driving, Fun Wine Evenings Paired with Scrumptious Food and our favourite Ladies Indulgent Parties ... gentlemen only invited as entertainment to the ladies.

I truly hope that you will take the time to contact Alpha, be it as an individual or a corporate, in order to afford us the opportunity to share our skills and knowledge.

Leap ... Attain ... Indulge