Welcome to All Women in Management as well as aspiring Women in the process of Climbing the Ladder . We at Alpha Women facilitate Training, Networking Sessions and Coaching for Women in a relaxed and unintimidating manner.

Woman in Management

In today's competitive business environment, good sense and everyday manners can make the difference between getting ahead and being left behind. Enhance your confidence, team dynamics and competitive advantage.

   Workplace Etiquette Short Courses

  • Workplace etiquette for Women Only is not just knowing what to discuss during a business dinner or how to address colleagues. It is also a way of presenting yourself in a manner to ensure you will be taken seriously.

    It involves demonstrating that Women have the necessary skill to be good at their job, expressing a knowledge of business situations and having the ability to make others feel comfortable. Poor business etiquette can cost the trust of co-workers, customers and the loss of valuable business & developmental opportunities.

  • Who would benefit from this Course? Women across all sectors, varying from Engineering, Manufacturing, Administrative all the way to Sales and Marketing.

  • Level of Working Experience required to benefit from this Course: The course adds value and advantage to Women of any level within an Organisation, from Apprentices to Women who have been with the Organisation for many a year.

   Life Coaching within the Workplace

  • Alpha Women provides confidential sessions.

  • Alpha Women provides Dedicated Time from a Qualified Professional on a weekly basis.

  • Alpha Women facilitates support, encouragement and motivation.

  • Alpha Women assists in Strategies and techniques which helps reaching your goal faster.

  • Alpha Women gives you Encouragement and Motivation.

  • Alpha Women provides an investment in yourself that benefits many aspects of your life.

  • Alpha Women provides support whether you are in the corporate world, a stay-at-home mom, a corporate climber or in any transition in life, Alpha Women can add support!

   Who would benefit from these Life Coaching sessions?

  • Women Only who are experiencing stress be it family or work related.

  • Women Only experiencing conflict in the Workplace

  • Management implementing strategies to improve Workplace Performance, Attendance and Revised Targets for Teams or Individual Team Members.

   Networking Sessions

  • Held Monthly on a weekday evening. Guest Speakers include Women in Leadership Roles within various Sectors,Occupations,Industries and Stage in Life who impart Knowledge & Key Experience in a relaxed and unintimidating session.

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