Presently, there are about 7 billion people in the world. This raises a very emphatic question to all and a serious challenge to Christians in particular. A century represents a period of ten decades (100yrs, 1,200 months or 36,525 days as the case may be).

According to the average life span of man on earth, it would not be wrong to conclude that by the next 36,525 days, none of these people will remain on earth. 85 people die every minute without Christ. When a second ticks away, many get closer to their graves: nay, closer to hell rather than their graves.

Our question is this: How many out of these 7 billion people on earth will leave here for heaven?

Every heart without Christ is a mission field. Every heart with Christ is a missionary.

The rate of birth is on increase while the rate of death is alarming on a daily basis. It is so discouraging that the rate of conversion to Christianity is low and slow. The voice of revival is calling!

A great awakening is very imminent. We have been commissioned to "Go into the world".

It is time to "go" and we must all "go"!

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