MEN’S DEPARTMENT: This is a forum where men of the Church gather for fellowship and interaction. They organise strategic meetings that help them manage their families, businesses and associates. This is a growing department in the Church.

POLISHED STONES: This is the women’s group of the Church. It is a very active department of the Church. They organise impactful programmes. They are also involved in social activities within and outside the Church.

MARVELLOUS YOUTHS: This is the youth’s group of the Church. They are very active in evangelism, sports and journalism.

CHILDREN’S DEPARTMENT: Our children department is doing well. Their well trained teachers are doing great work with them.

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: This is the department of the Church that organises internal training for Church members. They write and publish study materials for the Church, such as Systematic Bible Study, School of The Bible and Foundation Class Handouts. This department has giving the Church stability in the word.

SCHOOL EVANGELISM:  This is the department of the Church that visits secondary schools for preaching and evangelism. This department is very active. It conducts a weekly fellowship with various schools.

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