1. Raising a generation of concerned men and women who are bothered and burdened about moral decadence in the society, apathy towards God and sincerely desire a change for better.

  2. Raising an army of Christians that will not compromise their faith, whose main priorities are absolute Consecration, Spirit filled life and Christian Integrity.

  3. To passionately motivate men and women to deeply hunger and thirst after God, His power and the word.

  4. To arouse and restore the consciousness of God in our services with decency and sincerity.

  5. To impart men and women with eternal values and kingdom virtues.

  6. To seriously and zealously engage in gospel campaign and missions for the end time harvest of souls.

  7. To encourage and promote co-operation and unity among churches and ministers of the gospel.

  8. To restore both the apostolic and prophetic dimensions and methods of ministry to the Church.

  9. To raise and train men and women with basic skills and knowledge.

  10. To create awareness on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Human trafficking and Women/Child abuse.

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